How to Rinse Hair with Beer

Natural Hair Care Tips

Using beer to wash hair is a traditional remedy for limp, dull hair. Beer adds shine and volume to hair when left to go flat and used as a rinse.

Some might protest against wasting good beer on hair, but using a cheap lager every month or so to get shiny, full hair is arguably more natural – and more fun – than using commercial conditioners.

Why Rinse Hair with Beer?

Beer has long been used as a conditioning rinse for hair. The drink contains B vitamins and proteins. Many people find that beer rinses give their hair volume, shine and softness. The effect lasts for several weeks, so it is not necessary to use beer every time you wash your hair.

A number of commercial shampoos and conditioners have been produced which contain beer or stout.

What Brand of Beer is Best for Hair Rinses?

The brand of beer…

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