18 Hair Tips

Natural Hair Care Tips

1. Lay off the hot styling tools.

While I wasn’t as crazy with a flat iron as some of my friends in high school (the crunchy curls were cool back then, don’t judge!), I can remember a few of them who literally had pieces of hair breaking off in the front because they straightened their strands so much. You don’t need to run the thing over the same section of hair over and over. One to two times is perfectly fine, then STOP. It looks great; trust me

2. Remember: It’s only hair.

I once cried like a baby when my go-to hairstylist cut off more dead ends than I would have liked in high school. Back then it was the biggest deal ever, but now I’m all like, seriously? You cried over just a few inches? It’s only hair, ladies. Chop it off, experiment with something new. It’ll grow…

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