What is Rogain?

Natural Hair Care Tips

Women’s Rogaine


Use Rogaine for permanent hair loss due to heredity. Rogaine is a US Food and Drug Administration approved treatment for women who have some thinning hair in the front.


Purchase Women’s Rogaine over-the-counter or online. You can buy a one-month supply, or save some money and purchase a four-month supply.


Wash and towel-dry hair.


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Fill the dropper with 1 milliliter of the Rogaine solution, apply it directly to the scalp and massage it in.


Allow the Rogaine to dry completely before using any hair products.


Apply the solution twice a day. It may take two months or longer to see results.


Continue using Rogaine indefinitely, if it works, to avoid a recurrence of hair loss.


What is Rogaine?
Rogaine is the first available medication that has been proven effective for hair loss treatment. It contains the active ingredient Minoxidil and…

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