Top 3 Tips For A Wind-Proof Hair

Natural Hair Care Tips

Forget rain and humidity: the wind is one element that can wreak serious havoc on your hair, whether it’s perfectly-coiffed or you just happen to be having a good hair day.

On those blustery days when you just know stepping outside will whip your hair into a frenzy, try these tricks to wind-proof your locks.

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Make Messy Look Chic

This is not the time to spend hours in front of the mirror straightening to a pin or curling identical ringlets. With just a few gusts, all that work will have been for nothing. Instead, embrace a more mussed-up, beachy look. If you have naturally wavy hair, let it roam free. For the rest of us, take ten minutes with a two-inch curling iron to create haphazard waves. Once the wind catches it, you’ll look more like you stepped off a boat instead of stepped out of a wind corridor.


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