Hair Tip #1: You Don’t Always Need a Handful of Conditioner

FlaxCare Essentials

If after you apply your conditioner and detangle , you see white foam on your hands or your conditioner is still visible on your hair strands, chances are you’ve used too much.

It seems like we’ve been led to believe that we need to slather on handfuls of conditioner in order for it to work on our hair. If you find that you have to use 1/4 to 1/2 a bottle at each wash, you either have a non-penetrating conditioner or you cleansing process (or styling process) is WAY too drying to your hair. Your products could contain ingredients that block penetration (called occlusives) or the conditioner is not the correct formulation needed to moisturize your hair.

Take the time to reevaluate your regimen and your products. Whatever is drying your hair to that level is costing you money in the form of bottle after bottle of conditioner (even…

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