Hair Dangers – Take A Look at These Medicinal Drugs

Natural Hair Care Tips


The problem: If taken regularly over more than three months, antiinflammatory painkillers can cause extra shedding of the hair and hairthinning in three per cent of cases.

The solution: Try changing to another anti-inflammatory drug. It is a matter of trial and error as to which anti-inflammatories have a lesser effect. Some people can be more susceptible to one type than another.


The problem: Antibiotics are known to reduce haemoglobin and also lower vitamin B levels, sometimes making hair fall out faster. The illness being treated can also be the cause of hair loss.

The solution: Take vitamin B supplements when on antibiotics.

{3}The Pill

The problem: Many androgenic oral contraceptives (containing male hormones) can lessen hair.

The solution: There are some brands of oral contraceptive pills that are anti-androgens and help hair growth, including Dianette, Marvelon, Mercilon and Cilest.


The problem: Anti-depressants have been…

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