Do Heavy Oils Harm Hair More Than They Help

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This post is for those of you, like me, who have tried regimen after regimen for your natural hair without success.

I stopped relaxing my hair in 2007 and immediately tried doing a ‘natural’ routine. I bought oils, butters, all natural conditioners (which were loaded with oils and butters), and I even tried co-washing. When nothing worked, I figured it was just because I hadn’t found my ‘staple’ products and I needed to keep looking and trying different products. Of course, this led to a bathroom cabinet full of barely-used products.

I’m a smart person, I told myself. I can figure this out. And because I love science, I decided to approach the problem scientifically. First, define the problem (dry, unmanageable hair), then determine the cause. Once you know what’s causing your dry hair, you’ll have a better chance of reversing it, by doing the opposite.

Olives and Olive Oil
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