Cleanliness is next to…

FlaxCare Essentials

One of the most basic, and most common, mistakes I see naturals make is not properly cleaning the hair and scalp. This usually means one of two things:  they either (1) don’t use an effective cleansing product or (2) wait too long to cleanse the hair. And many times, it’s a combination of both.

Dirt, sebum, skin cells, and oils can cover the hair and scalp and prevent good hydration from getting to where it’s needed. Left on too long, they eventually ‘starve’ the hair, making it brittle and dry. Over time, the hair breaks or get splits ends and nasty tangles. This leads many naturals to conclude that their hair just won’t grow. Or worse, they go on a quest for products that ‘grow hair fast’, spending tons of money, when all they need to do is change the method and frequency that they shampoo.

This was something…

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