A Few Things About My Low Porosity Hair…

FlaxCare Essentials

My hair has Low Porosity.

Instead of viewing it as a bad thing, I’ve actually come to like that about my hair. But it definitely made things more… interesting when I was a new natural.

First of all, there are a few who are of the opinion that the lower hair’s porosity, the ‘healthier’ it is. And I can see this point. Since damage and chemically altering the hair strand raises its cuticle layers permanently (high porosity), it’s easy to conclude that undamaged, unaltered, and therefore ‘healthier’, hair will have lower porosity.

The question is, with all these tightly closed cuticle layers, how do we get moisture inside the hair strand?

This is a bit of a misleading question. Since Moisture = Water, and water has a molecular weight of only 18 g/mol, its molecules are small enough to penetrate hair on its own. If they weren’t, your hair…

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