Why do you Change your HairStyle?

Natural Hair Care Tips

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” –Coco Chanel

Woman cut their hair 150 times over their life time. Celebrities lead the way. Anne Hathaway has gone to brunette, and then blonde, and back to brunette again. Now add the advent of the wig and hair piece attachments and you can have a new style every single day. Women also change their hair color 199 times during their lifetime.

Why do you Change your HairStyle

Why the change?

Change the style because of life change, breakups, job, 13% change when having a baby, 15% say they change their hair for their wedding, or 64% out of boredom. Some people admit they’ve been stuck for five years with the same haircut. 15% of women haven’t changed their hair in a decade. The role of your hairdresser in your life has become as important as the role of a psychologist.

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