Singapore Grey Hair Testimonial – see it in Youtube Now!

LaoFoYe Hair Care Blog

SiJie was diagnosed with Genetic white hair problem when she is 4 years old, doctors have also claimed that there’s no treatment or medication for it. SiJie’s hair was white, soft and very thin (especially half of the lower back).
Her parents were shocked and worried, that it would affect SiJie’s confidence and how is she going to cope in future. They started looking for solutions.
With much futile attempts with various physicians after a year, Mrs. Tan; SiJie’s mum, whom happen to see LaoFoYe advertisements decided to let SiJie have a try.
SiJie commenced her treatment on 31 Dec 2012. Within a short period of 5 months (20 sessions), positive changes on SiJie’s Grey hair can be seen as the entire bottom of her hair has now become darker and blacker, currently 90% of SiJie’s grey hair is cure and she not need to worry about the gray hair…

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