How to Prevent Dull Hair? The Most Effective Tricks & Tips

Natural Hair Care Tips

Shampoo your hair less often. Many store-bought shampoo contain sulfates and harsh ingredients that strip natural oils from your hair. For most of us, it is not necessary to wash our hair everyday. You’ll likely find that the less you wash, the longer you can go between shampooings. Your hair will stop making excess oil to replace lost moisture. If you must shampoo your hair everyday, look for a sulfate-free shampoo.

Give co-washing a try. This method uses conditioner only instead of shampoo. What to do when you’ve worked up a sweat and need to rinse your hair? Simply skip the regular shampoo and lather up with conditioner. Let the cream sit for three to minutes and rinse out well. You can give this method a go for a couple times a week.

Banish build-up with baking soda. You don’t have to purchase an expensive clarifying shampoo to remove excess…

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