Post-Natal Hair Loss Treatment Testimonial

I have a friend who give birth to a cute little boy but then when I found this blog, this is really helpful for her.. I will share this one to about past -natal hair loss treatment in SG…..

Natural Hair Care Tips


by: Amy Tay

I am a hair consultant at LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre. All these years, I never had any problems with my scalp or my hair. I had a voluminous head of hair and people envied me for its texture and lusciousness. During my pregnancy, I had thick and luxuriant tresses. I received compliments for my quantity and quality of hair.

All these changed after the birth of my baby. Four months after the birth of my baby girl, I discovered that more hair coming out in the shower or on the brush. My hair was contantly dropping and soon I had a receding M-shaped hairline on my head. It was getting too obvious when my colleagues, friends and family started noticing it and this was causing me to start feeling distraught. A bare patch was starting to appear and this patch was getting bigger adn bigger as the…

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