A Care Center for Genetic Hair Loss

My grandfather were having hair loss genetically but thankfully I am glad that there’s a hair care center in SG named laofoye

Natural Hair Care Tips

Genetic hair loss can be delayed, controlled or even reversed by using all natural herbal treatments to infuse more nutrients into the scalp, just like taking supplements and vitamins, to strengthen the scalp and hair follicles, hence ensuring that pores are sufficiently opened, where sufficient oxygen and nutrients necessary for healthy hair growth can be absorbed.

Genetic Hair Loss from Lao Fo Ye  SG
LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre has all the experience and techniques to help people suffering from hair loss to regain their crown-of-glory, complemented with their scalp acupunctural points massage to boost the blood circulation on the scalp to ensure that the hair follicles receive enough blood for healthy hair growth. LaoFoYe’s detox treatments opens up the pores, even dormant pores which have been sealed or clotted for a long time, allowing nutrients and oxygen to enter freely to stimulate the pores. LaoFoYe’s hair growth treatments infuses necessary nutrients to help maintain the hair at stage…

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