Gorgeous Grey Hair: A Proud Legacy

Nice one. My granny can wear a smile when I tell her this

Natural Hair Care Tips

Learn how a variety of products help to make grey look anything but dowdy

carmen dell

All you need to do to realize that grey hair doesn’t necessarily scream “old lady” is to get a gander at 82 year-old model Carmen Dell’Orefice.

Carmen (who, after 70 years in the business, still gets plenty of work) and others in the public eye, like Jamie Lee Curtis and Helen Mirren, have done a lot to help women reconsider the notion that going grey will age you. In fact, being a “silver vixen” is quite fashionable these days. And, considering that everyone’s hair follicles cease producing color-making melanin as we age, and that we’re all going to go grey at some point, this is good news.

Carole Michaelides, who works at Philip Kingsley’s salon in London, explains why going with, rather than against, Mother Nature is the best plan of attack. As she told the Daily…

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