Beer For Hair

Aside from the usual drinking-the-beer, now we can use beer left overs for our hair.

Natural Hair Care Tips

Beer is good for your hair. Its vitamin B and natural sugar content add volume and help your hair to shine. Chamomile is renowned for being a hair highlighting agent, and for blond hair, it can even improve the blond shine and cut through the brassiness of color treated hair.

Combine the two ingredients out of your pantry and you gain your own all-natural color lightening conditioner that will leave your hair shiny, thicker, and softer.


  1. Shampoo as usual. Have the beer and chamomile tea already assembled and ready for use.
    • Always do a cold water rinse because this seals the hair shaft and makes your hair shiny. It also helps to prevent split-ends and tearing of the hair.
  2. Pour the pint (475ml) of beer slowly through your hair.
  3. Rinse with cool (not freezing) or lukewarm water. Make sure to get all of the beer out of your hair.
  4. Take the pre-made…

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